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ECON Courses for Winter 2019

Course # Course Name Instructor
ECON Coding Classes _
ECON 2 Principles of Microeconomics Nieto
ECON 3 Principles of Macroeconomics Ramey
ECON 4 Financial Accounting Levkoff
ECON 100A Microeconomics A Tocoian
ECON 100A Microeconomics A Sinitsyn
ECON 100B Microeconomics B Galperti
ECON 100C Microeconomics C Boomhower
ECON 100C Microeconomics C Sinitsyn
ECON 101 International Trade Rauch
ECON 110A Macroeconomics A Porzio
ECON 110B Macroeconomics B Hamilton
ECON 111 Monetary Economics Cohen
ECON 120A Econometrics A Candido
ECON 120B Econometrics B Berman
ECON 120C Econometrics C Wuthrich
ECON 131 Environmental Economics Nieto
ECON 132 Energy Economics Carson
ECON 145 Ocean Resources Squires
ECON 152 Public Expendiutres Staff
ECON 171 Decisions Under Uncertainty Levkoff
ECON 172A Operations Research A Newhouse
ECON 172B Operations Research B Newhouse
ECON 173A Financial Investments O
ECON 173B Corporate Finance Ramey
ECON 178 Forcasting O
ECON 999 Winter Program Staff