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Location: Santa Barbara Room(3rd Floor)

This week are sessions will in the Santa Barbara Room on 3rd Floor in the La Jolla Marriott

Summer Course 2019

Summer Session I
I will be holding sessions for the following courses:
Econ 2, 100A, 100B, 100C, 120B,and 120C

Summer Session II
I will be hold sessions for the following course
Econ 100A, 100B, 100C, 109 110A, 110B, 120A, 12OB, 131, 144, and 171

Pass for 1st Summer Session

The Summer Pass lets you attend all our sessions for all your classes during the 1st Summer Session for only $85.

Fall 2019 Courses

I will be offering reviews for the following courses:
Econ 2, 4, 100A, 100B, 100C, 109, 110A, 110B, 120A, 120B, 120C, 125, 131, 138, 171, 172A, 173A,