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On-line Sessions and Video Recordings

During the pandemic,
I am holding my review sessions online via Zoom.
You will be emailed the playbooks as pdfs.

While I encourage you to attend the live session,
I know that is difficult for many of you,
so you have the option of watching the video recording.

Summer 2021 schedule

I am offering reviews for the following course:

Summer Session I
Econ 100A, 100B, 100C, 105, 109, 110A, 116, 12OB, 120C ,131, 138, and 173A

Summer Session II
Econ 100A, 100B, 100C, 109, 110B, 12OA, 120B, 120C, 144 and 174


Throughout my time as TheEconTutor, I have been blessed with wonderful Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Island students. In fact, it is fair to say that TheEconTutor would not exist without the support of my Asian students. I love them dearly and I am forever in their debt. As such, I am frustrated and horrified by the increase in violence against the AAPI community.

Unfortunately, Asian racism runs deep through Asian American history: from Asian labor in the Gold Rush to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and World War II Japanese internment camps to President Trumps hateful characterization of Covid as a Chinese Virus.

Learning the history of Asian Americans provides a better understanding of how these historical issues have greatly impacted both how Asians are perceived as well as their lived experiences in present-day America.

Fortunately, there are several organizations working to end Asian hate. Please take the time to volunteer your time, skills, or money to nonprofits working to dismantle Asian racism.

Stop AAPI Hate: The Stop AAPI Hate reporting center tracks and responds to incidents of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in California and, where possible, throughout the United States.

Compassion in Oakland: Compassion in Oakland provides Oakland Chinatown with resources for promoting safety and community through elder chaperoning and community outreach.

Advancing Justice ó Asian Law Caucus is the nationís first legal and civil rights organization serving low-income Asian Pacific American communities with a focus on housing rights, immigration rights, labor, and employment issues.

Asian Mental Health Project: The Asian Mental Health Project strives to dispel the belief that struggling with mental health is a weakness and to provide resources that are accessible to all.

Anti-Defamation League: ADL is a global leader in exposing extremism and delivering anti-bias education, and is a leading organization in training law enforcement.